Converging Lines was built by Brian Davids in the early 90's, to fullfill the need for the technology convergence that was going on at that time.

Back then the focus of the business was designing websites and networking companies so they could better communicate.

Today our focus is on back-end support. We work with designers that build front-ends to company websites and we focus on the technology to support their clients' needs.

In today's market the focus is E-marketing and we have a set of tools for broadcasting emails both small and large.

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Converging Lines consults businesses on their workstation and server infrastructure. It is no surprise in today's market that there is some confusion.

With Apple getting into the server market, businesses have better choices. Apple Servers are our favorite for cost and effectiveness and Linux is a great second choice. Microsoft servers are not a good choice in today's small and medium sized business.

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Converging Lines does Video. With all the support work we have done for the web, an entire division was born to develop high-end video productions.

Converging Lines Video was born and you can check out all of the services this division provides by visiting www.cvl.net/video/.

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